During our mastering process, we make sure that we tailor the final sound of your songs to your taste, and you can be confident that they will translate as expected regardless of the format, platform or device they will be played on (even on physical media like vinyl or CD).
We can provide mastered files for up to 192kHz and 24bit and can provide DDP on request(for more information please see FAQ).
Before mastering, we also provide free mix evaluation and help to make the most out of your project.
Our mastering engineer applies the final polish to your audio, optimizing it for various distribution channels and playback systems, ensuring consistency, clarity, and maximum impact.


Reel to Reel

Stem Mastering

With our stem mastering service, we have more flexibility to bring the most out of your songs as we have access to group-tracks like drums, vocals, guitars etc separately (for more information please see FAQ).
This way we can create a much more balanced final sound and make your songs shine.
We can also provide mastered files for up to 192kHz and 24bit and can provide DDP on request for our stem mastering service (for more information please see FAQ)


To get the right balance in your mix we use high-quality studio speakers (PMC) in a flat frequency response environment to hear every detail and the true balance of your song. With our mixing expertise, your songs will have:
Defined bass and instruments
Punchy drums
Clear vocals 
Depth and dimension 
A completely finished project as the mastering is included
Please contact us for pricing as every project is individual.
(The Mastering is Included in Our Mixing Services)

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Audio Post-Production

At Hanga SoundLab we have a dedicated Team for complete audio post-production projects from start to finish including songwriting, foley, and mixing.
We specialize in delivering pristine and immersive soundscapes that elevate your creative projects to new heights. Our team of experienced sound engineers and designers is dedicated to bringing your vision to life by utilizing the latest in audio technology and innovative techniques.

Our Audio Post-Production Services Include

Sound Editing:
Our meticulous Team carefully clean and enhance your audio files, removing any unwanted noise or artifacts, while preserving the original essence of the recordings. We also ensure seamless transitions between dialogue, sound effects, and music to create a smooth and cohesive listening experience.

Sound Design:
Our talented Team craft immersive and unique soundscapes that complement and elevate the visual narrative. From intricate foley work to atmospheric ambiences, we create the perfect sonic environment for your project.

ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement):
When on-set recordings aren't up to par, our ADR services help you replace or enhance the dialogue with crystal-clear, studio-quality recordings that blend seamlessly with the original audio.

Music Composition and Licensing:
Whether you need an original score or licensed music, our team of composers and music supervisors will help you find the perfect soundtrack for your project, ensuring the right emotional impact and thematic resonance.

Our skilled Team balance the various elements of your project, such as dialogue, sound effects, and music, to create a harmonious and engaging audio experience. We work with stereo, surround sound, and immersive audio formats, ensuring the highest quality playback across all platforms.
(The Mastering is Included in Our Post-Production Services)

Audio Restoration

Our audio restoration services are designed to bring new life to old or damaged audio recordings. Whether you have a cherished family recording that's been degraded over time or a commercial recording that's been damaged in some way, our experienced audio technicians can help.

The restoration process begins with a thorough analysis of the original recording. We use advanced software and hardware to carefully remove any unwanted noise, hiss, clicks, pops, hum, or other distortion that may be present in the recording. We also take great care to ensure that the original sound quality and character of the recording is preserved as much as possible.

From basic noise reduction to more complex restoration projects, we have the expertise and technology to deliver high-quality results that exceed your expectations.

Our audio restoration services are ideal for a variety of situations, including:

- Legal cases where the quality of the audio is not adequate.

- Restoring and preserving damaged recordings of music, speeches, or other events like important family recordings, interviews, Podcasts.

- Removing noise, hiss, and other distortion from old vinyl records or cassette tapes
audio digitization services. This means that we can convert your old analog recordings, such as vinyl records, cassette tapes, or reel-to-reel tapes, into digital format. Our audio digitization process involves carefully transferring the analogue recording onto our advanced digital equipment with high-end analogue to digital converter . We take great care to ensure that the original sound quality and character of the recording is preserved as much as possible during the transfer process.